Is a chair produced in soft bubble: artistic discipline exclusive by Federico Errante.
Each chair is a work of art. It 'a unique piece made and hand painted by the artist. It has a solid structure but being made of Soft Bubble is only soft and comfortable anatomically also for its possible extension backwards. Is soaked in a water diluted material without toxic solvents, that entrap its shape to form a single body and makes a particular elasticity. It takes 12 brushing steps with a long drying time.
This piece of art is unique and unrepeatable.
It will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity. This document must be kept. It will be the identity card for its value will increase over time..


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  • 302_4
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  • 302_6
  • 302_7
  • 302_8


  • 303_1
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Soak video

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Soak flag chair

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Sever people have requested soak chair with the flag of their nation.

Every soak flag chair are unique and it impossible to reproduce because are hand made.

Thera two example.....



  • GBSoakChair
  • GBSoakChair2
  • GBSoakChair3
  • GbSoakChair4
  • GbSoakChair5
  • GbSoakChair6
  • UsaSoakChair
  • UsaSoakChair2
  • UsaSoakChair3
  • UsaSoakChair4
  • UsaSoakChair5

Minimal soak chair is a combination of art and design. Soak chair can be in united color or splashed color

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  • 302_1
  • 302_2
  • 302_3
  • 302_4
  • 302_5
  • 302_6

Mimetic soak chair

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Each model of soak chair can do mimetic

Vintage soak chair

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Each model of soak chair can do vintage


  • VintageSoakChair
  • VintageSoakChair2
  • VintageSoakChair3

Errante's history

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Federico Errante was born in Vicenza in 1949 by father a war invalid and mother is working.
Following the separation of the parents, early childhood living with his maternal grandparents in the countryside and 7 years old he entered the orphanage San Domenico di Vicenza Don Orione up to 15 years where he attended schools and basic musical studies with specialization in clarinet and saxophone .

  • 1964-65 teaches music and works at the factory to complete their studies
  • 1967 Oscar Pino Gigi and merge the musical group "The Nocturnes" and then will be part of the important group of the '70s "Dolphins".
  • 1971-1980 he founded the "Casa Veneta" leader in its sector for technological innovation and aesthetics by creating products of leather clothing.
  • 1980 he has been working as a designer for important Italian industrial groups until 1989.
  • 1980-82 attends and completes the master at the "Libera Università Europea" of Macerata for the television film directing and photography.
  • 1984 apply in preview microchips, sensors information in the field of sport in footwear and apparel in general.
  • 1986 Venice Film Festival of Science Fiction and Fantasy of Rome and on RAI UNO presents the work of the first "giant hologram" high 2 mt. carbon fiber with transparent laser illumination with the slogan "I live in the present with the memory of the past and nostalgia for the future."This high-tech made in the prime of his career as a designer will mark the beginning of a life project for artistic activity and experimentation.
  • 1989 magazines Vogue and Woman posing his bustier sculpture walnut blades bent hot.
  • 1990, leaves the task of designers to deal definitively to figurative sculpture and painting and following the experimental techniques after long and intensive study of ancient art. Experimenter with a fixed idea "the future has an ancient heart" begins a journey where the past and the future will be two constant terms in the context of connecting space-time representing them in the sculpture materials in opposition to one another such as aluminum with wood walnut or stone or bronze with aluminum and blown glass
  • 1995 start exhibitions in art galleries and museums in the world, awards and public works.
  • 1996 began the creation of the "Functional Art". functional works of art
  • 1996 biennial exhibition dell 'Arte Sacra with the sculpture "Domo my destiny with the power of the Soul."
  • 1997 Collective Les artistes sur la Cote d'Azur Nice
  • 1997 with the close friend the painter Giampaolo Tomassetti, the deepening divides the "new humanism" which will land in a program of major exhibitions in pairs throughout Italy for over 3 years.
  • 1997 Geant Art Galleria Palma Arte Belgio
  • 1997 Contemporary Art Gallery Palma Arte Padova
  • 1997 Winged Goddess Award
  • 1998Personal "Analysis" Residence Lido Cesenatico presentation Prof. Maurizio Marini and prof. Orlando Piraccini
  • 1998 Public Opera "Trinity" Chapel of the Xaverian Missionaries Vicenza
  • 1999 Contemporary Artists Collective Rome Art Expo
  • 1999 Personal "Cronomorfosi" Studio Art Gallery Bassano (VI) Presentation prof. Federico Bonan
  • 1999 Collective Seart Milan
  • 1999 Award Remo Brindisi
  • 1998Collective Contemporary Art Montichiari
  • 1999 Pavia Art Award
  • 1999 Awarding The Telaccia Turin
  • 1999 exhibition "Analysis" to Munster circle of Luxembourg presented by Marianne Eisen.
  • 1999 exhibition "Moment coulturel ou course" Luxemburg.
  • 2000 in the exhibition at the Grand Opera Delaware Art Museum presents the work Use "Still Life Underground", a sculpture symbol for the artist. In it expresses the inner tension world, ideological and social development of our time, symbolizing the fragility of our club with the realization of the apple in blown glass incorporated the towers included in the still life as a synthesis of a metropolis dead in the soul, in which the individual is always less than the height of the luxuriant development of a culture based on the object.
  • 2000in the exhibition at the Museum of Spanish Fort Aquila presentation prof. Fausto Janni "presents the work" Escape from the future, "sculpture in walnut and aluminum and a caption reads:" He flees to the past to look for the lost values where anchor / meet ... 
  • 2000 complements project "City of Artists".
  • 2000 Staff Cultural Centre Val d'Ambra Florence presentation writer-designer Sergio Carpini
  • 2000 Collective Gallery Historic Downtown Florence
  • 2000 Exposure Delaware Art Museum USA "Latin artists" presentation Riccardo Stoeckicht
  • 2000 Personal Gallery "The Second Renaissance" Ferrara presentation prof. Gabriele Turola
  • 2000Personal "The game of matter" Palazzo del Comune Pediment of Orbetello (GR)
  • 2000 Personal "Art in the well-being" Rimini Herbovital
  • 2001 Personal "Tauromenion" Del Carmine Church and Hotel Timeo Taormina and Messina province
  • 2001Personal Gallery Tarchiani Florence
  • 2001 Collective of events of the Jubilee Rome
  • 2001 Staff "Synthesis Underground" Art Space Sovizzo (VI) presentation Professor Alda Miolo
  • 2002 Personal "Over the obstacle" Town Hall Predazzo presentation prof. Sergio Camin
  • 2002 Collective "Art of the Times Mirror Torre Strozzi Parlesca (PG)
  • 2002 Personal "Building Pediment" City of Orbetello (GR)
  • 2002 exhibition at the Gallery  Borgognona presents the work "without matter - aluminum and bronze, emptying the material while keeping the device structure thus enhancing the thought and spirit, the idea that the mass in the absence aware of what is parasitic
  • 2002 bank Veneta collect 12 of his paintings and sculptures 7.
  • 2003 through the painting of the mono-and bi-color with preparation of mestica ancient lands to "SOFT BUBBLE" where subjects in relief but chewy and transfigured as in a shroud are immortalized in the canvas in all its forms in a moment of their existence only to lose their existential order allowing the user to be able to apply pressure with a finger on the work, changing it temporarily in order to understand the underlying emptiness and then enable it to return to its original state. The "SOFT BUBBLE", made with materials capable, after several processes, is able to trap air occupied by the material itself to then be able to interact with it.
  • 2003 exhibition at the gallery "Art Workshop Verona" "Masters of painting and sculpture Veneta" presentation Caesar Biasini Wild as the only artist living sculptor.
  • 2003exhibition "Projection of Time" at the Galleria Ca 'd'Oro Rome
  • 2003 he began the testing and production of the works in "SOFT BUBBLE
  • 2003 Public work "Monument to the Holy Family with the Young Saint John " City of Montecchio Maggiore (VI) presentation of prof. Giuliano Menato
  • 2004 Collective exhibition "Salon Des Independants Artists" Paris
  • 2004 Collective exhibition "Salon d'Art Contemporain en Aquitaine» Bordeaux
  • 2004 Staff "Hunt Horse 'representation and meeting" the Horse in Art "Verona Fiere presentation prof. Natale Callipar
  • 2005 Art Collective Gallery Paris Court
  • 2008 meeting with Paul Levi and Mario Guderzo for the publication of the book "Beyond the Canova" published Mondadori.
  • 2010directed the short film 1 film "Mary."
  • 2010 Meeting with Philippe Daverio and Jean  Blancheart.
  • 2011 exhibition "SOFT BUBBLE" at the Super Studio Milan.
  • 2011 invitation by Vittorio Sgarbi participation in the 54th Venice Biennale in Hall of Turin.
  • 2012 Como Miniartextil show presented by Luciano Caramel with "The Room of "SOFT BUBBLE"
  • 2013completion of the first three short films the  project "City of Artists "
  • 2014 start commercial deployment of chairs SOAK in the international market
  • 2014 start collaboration with the group ORLER Italy